Who We Are. What We Do.

Hilltop is a nonprofit corporation that was established with two goals in mind: to provide affordable housing for individuals aged 62 and older; and to nurture independence through innovative programs that help maintain, enhance and improve the lives of all who live here. 

While we continue to focus on both of these goals and are proud of the community we have established, we continue to look for new and innovative ways to improve our small neighborhood with the help of both our staff and our residents.

An Equal Opportunity Community

Residency at Hilltop is open to all qualified, eligible persons 62 years of age or older, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, handicap status, religion, familial status, political persuasion, sex or sexual preference.  Our 124-unit, equal-opportunity facility provides affordable apartments, many with subsidies provided by HUD or the Seattle Housing Authority.
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Our Building

From May 2015 to July 2016, Hilltop underwent a complete renovation of our (at the time) almost 50-year-old building. Among a long list of building-wide improvements we updated all 124 units through the installation of new kitchen cabinets, flooring, bathroom vanities, walk-in showers, closet doors, and electronic door locks.

The renovation was completed with the assistance of Beacon Development, SMR Architects and Walsh Construction, with oversight by HUD and funding by CBRE. As we enter a new decade, Hilltop plans on moving forward with renovations to our common areas so that we may continue to provide affordable, comfortable, and safe housing with excellence.

Hilltop Management

Thornton Bowman

Executive Director

Thornton was born and grew up in the South. He got over most of that in time, but still loves a good bowl of grits. He fancies himself a musician and a writer and is pleased some people indulge him. Prior to working at Hilltop he worked supporting Community Health Centers in Region X. Before that he worked in disability rights. Before that he was young and foolish.

Laurie Schuster

Finance and Operations Director

Laurie is one of those rare native Seattleites. She grew up dancing around the streets of First Hill and Capitol Hill (no, not that kind of dancing). Laurie is a Cougars’ fan, but many people forgive that. Before Laurie began working at Hilltop she had already met everyone in the Seattle area. Consequently, whenever Hilltop needs something, Laurie always knows someone who is in the business. Honest.

Karen Carlos

Resident Life / Service Coordinator

Karen has been working at Hilltop for a very, very long time. She’s rather like Hilltop’s own Rip Van Winkle, and her name even uses some of the same letters. Coincidence? Well…not if you believe there is no such thing as coincidence! She spends her days mulling over the varied needs of the residents who seek her, and scattering resource information like little crumbs of bread for everyone else. Before working at Hilltop, she went to Seattle University where she so dazzled the professors, they awarded her a diploma.

Sharif Ball

Executive Chef

Sharif cooks. He not just cooks, he chefs. He has always cooked. He was born with a spatula in his hand which surprised and rather annoyed his mother. They made up. Sharif not only cooks in real life, he has also done it on TV. At first that didn’t work out so well because the batter shorted out the circuits. He then tried joining a cooking contest which was aired on TV. That worked better. He became a famous, award-winning chef. That was good for his career and, so, now he works at Hilltop.

Victor Quiroz

Maintenance Supervisor

Victor fixes everything. There is nothing he cannot fix. He’s like MacGyver. Only, Victor is from Oaxaca, Mexico (which is really cool in a warm sort of way) and many people will not remember MacGyver. But, except for all the ways he’s not like MacGyver, he is just like him. And he’s fast! He’s like Mercury, only without the wings on his feet because that makes it difficult to lace your sneakers. And Victor never wears a tunic no matter how many times staff and residents beg. Before working at Hilltop, Victor was a Salsa dancer.

Hilltop Front Office

Shelby Barnes

Resident Life Activity Coordinator

Shelby, sensing a chance to score a fabulous job, snuck in behind Demetra and assumed the role of Activity Coordinator. Previously, she, like Demetra, had worked at Starbucks and attended Seattle University. Odd, isn’t that? Prior to that she had spent her formative years in Idaho tipping cows and wondering what she might write someday – she has a great love of journalism. We like to think of her role as: Director of First Impressions.