COVID-19: March 2021

Covid-19 Update 

March 2021 

Yesterday, March 18, we concluded our vaccination clinics.  The current guidelines regarding vaccinations indicate the vaccines become fully effective two weeks after the final shot.  Given that, by April 1, residents, staff and our usual contractors will have a combined vaccination average of about 85%.  Thank you to all of you for helping make this happen and to Karen who coordinated the vaccine clinics. 

But that still doesn’t mean you should get rid of your masks. 

From The Guardian: Public health authorities want people to keep wearing masks and social distancing, even after they have received a vaccine. This might seem counterintuitive – after all, if someone gets a vaccine, aren’t they protected from the coronavirus? 

The answer to that question is complicated: the vast majority of people that receive vaccinations will be protected from Covid-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, however these very same people may still be able to transmit the virus even if they do not visibly display any symptoms. 

“We now know that the vaccines can protect, but what we haven’t had enough time to really understand is – does it protect from spreading?” said Avery August, professor of immunology at Cornell University. 

That is because the SARS-CoV-2 virus may still colonize the respiratory tract, even as systemic immune cells protect the overall body from the disease it causes – Covid-19. 

So, please let us all keep that in mind as we commence in moving about the common areas, traveling and meeting with friends. 

Meanwhile, the Governor has expressed intentions of moving all Washington counties into Phase 3 on March 22nd.  Hilltop will be adjusting how we operate based upon what is permitted within Phase 3, however to increase safety within our community, we have decided to wait until after the 1st of April with an objective of providing each vaccine adequate enough time to work.   

Some things to watch for include: 50% occupancy within the Café, adjustments in exercise schedules, etc.  We plan to post any added changes sometime next week. 

Again, thank you all.